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Word Magic Translator Home Edition 6.3

Cost-effective option to get English / Spanish translations and pronunciations
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Word Magic Software Inc.

If you are not a pretentious user and need an English / Spanish translator, the Home Edition of Word Magic Translator could be a good choice. With features somehow limited in comparison with its “big brothers” and a really competitive price for a single user license, it brings a pretty complete translation solution to your desktop. Its appearance resembles MS Word with the window divided horizontally into two sections: one for English and the other for Spanish. The work principle is simple: you input the text to translate and hit the Automatic Translation button. If your text comes from an existing document you can open the file directly from the translator instead of retyping it. The basic features of the Home Edition include a spell checker to avoid typing mistakes, text pronunciation in both languages including accents (American and British for English and Mexican and Castillian for Spanish), printing feature to print out the text alternating both languages, and a rather small database of phrases, idioms and entries. Word Magic Translator Home Edition can run under any version of Windows later than Windows 2000 and doesn’t require a big system at all. With a Pentium III or equivalent processor and 256 MB of RAM memory you are ready to go.

The price of $ 12,50 is a real bargain. Add to that price the option of installments and a 50% off in the second license and could be hard to get a better deal in a licensed product.

Lionel Mira
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  • It can work as a resident application at your system tray
  • It offers a trial for a 15-days period
  • It's available for a really affordable price
  • It includes pronunciation abilities with different accents


  • It only performs English<->Spanish translations
  • The phrases and entries databases are rather small
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